From the Chancellor’s Desk

Lokbharati University for Rural Innovation is an extension of an idea sawn seven decades back i.e., emancipation of common masses through education. India is still an agricultural country with the majority of population residing in rural areas. Despite hundreds of universities and premier institutions of international reputation, it seems we have not been able to align the real issues of India with higher education which is why we are not able to produce the right kind of work force.
On one hand, Globalization, Capitalism and Technological Disruption are making people jobless and make them pursue only materialistic pleasures, environment and moral values are declining rapidly on the other. With Lokbharati University, we wish to prepare young Indians with the right skills set to develop the country without compromising with nature and culture. The university aims at implementing the best of NEP 2020 coupled with Gandhian principles of Nai Talim.

Some of the objectives are:

  • Upskilling Rural Youth through Start-up and Grassroot Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Promoting Rural Students with High Talent and Low Academic Grades
  • Increasing Girl Child Education in Rural Gujarat
  • Empowering Rural Women through Vocational Training
  • Extending Affordable Technologies to Rural Areas
  • Contributing towards Sustainability of Nature
  • Expanding our community service to the whole country
  • Reducing Educational & Overall Migration from Rural Areas

Thus, in all, we wish to solve real-life problems rural areas through holistic education and innovation.

Dr. Arun Dave