India has a Rural Soul. Mahatma Gandhiji was absolutely clear that India can never forget Rural Welfare for the Nation’s Development. Lokbharati University for Rural Innovation (LURI), Sanosara is established with Mahatmaji’s dream. We do understand and accept the National vision of World class Growth and Development to compete with Developed/Advanced countries. LURI is ready to meet both the ends by its Rural Innovation vision. The vision of LURI is to solve real-life problems of the rural areas through holistic education and innovation. This indicates our commitment towards Rural Development with the support of day-to-day innovations in Agriculture, Natural Farming, Dairy Sciences, Animal Husbandry, Indigenous Knowledge Systems, etc. Our lush green campus represents combination of Nature and Science. Young boys and girls live on this campus by exploring, experimenting, understanding and doing practices of innovation in rural life. LURI aims to join hands with National and International organisations for student’s internships and placements. We have outlined our courses to give freedom to students to learn, to practice, to experiment and to develop skills by live experiences and self-participations. We are opening doors of our University with pious wishes to welcome one and all to join hands for New RURBAN India. It is said that Prayer from the bottom of our heart gets all kind of support from entire cosmos.

Dr. Bhadrayu Vachharajani